The world is moving fast to adopt solar energy

We can help you in adopting it faster

How much is electricity costing you?

We offer various options viz. Cash Purchase, SuryaPPA, SuryaLease and customize our offering as per your requirements

Understand how solar energy works on your rooftop and how Net Metering acts as a virtual battery

Whether you buy the system outright or partner with us for a long-term, we provide highest quality equipment and take full responsibility

Guaranteed Savings

It’s surprisingly simple to save money through Solar. You lock-in your savings right from the first day. As the grid prices move, you savings grow multi-fold.

Grid electricity shall rise by more than 8% per annum as per a report by AT Kearney, leading management consulting firm. Our analysis shows that over last 3-5 years, annualized growth rate of grid electricity prices is more than 10% in most of the states in India.

SuryaCommit, SuryaLease or SuryaAsset: We offer various choices and suggest the one best for you. You can either purchase the system & enjoy benefits of upto 100% depreciation in first year, or you can go for pay-as-you-use model wherein you don't need to invest any money upfront.

SuryaCommit: In our pay-as-you-use model, you don't spend any money upfront and pay at pre-determined fixed prices for per unit of solar power generated by solar plant installed on your rooftop. We invest in and maintain the solar plant and you start saving on your electricity bill from the first day, that too without any investment. SuryaCommit Agreements have tenure of 15-25 years so you keep savings more money as the grid electricity prices rise.

SuryaLease: Under the lease model, you only need to pay a small part of system cost upfront and the balance shall be paid in installments over long-term. Importantly, you would be paying the installments out of the savings achieved in your electricity bill by shifting to solar energy.

SuryaAsset: If you are that “I understand the technology” customer, and ready to invest upfront for solar system, you can pay for the system in full and get solar power at no price. You can also claim accelerated depreciation upto 100% of the investment and get a payback of 1/3rd of your investment in first year itself.

How It Works

While your solar system will primarily feed into your in-house electricity requirement, any excess production (e.g. during holidays, non-working hours during daytime) shall be fed back into the grid and credit of such units is given in your electricity bill. The electricity units fed into the grid shall be straightway deducted from your total imported units and you shall only be billed for net consumption. That means your solar system is working to earn you money even on holidays.

World Class Quality

We only use world class Tier 1 equipment that have established track record. We buy directly from manufacturers so that the we get lowest cost that can be passed on to you. And we not just say it - we provide performance guarantees for our solar systems so that you get peace of mind. We firmly believe that there is not better marketing than a satisfied customer’s reference.